Proudly feeding the Nation, well this part of it!

How We Got Started

We love veg. Not supermarket veg. Veg from when we were kids! Fresh, seasonal and most of all tasty!

We set off on a mission to find local smallholders and small scale farmers who were still in operation. Growing it in their own way, how they have always done.  It wasn't easy.....but we did it!  We started feeding our children how we wanted them to eat....and they ate it!

We talked with the farmers and decided we could put their seasonal veg in a box and deliver it to families locally.  So thats what we do!

All our veg is supplied from our small network of local smallholders and farmers.  We pay them what they ask. We never barter.  We respect the hard work and dedication they put in and pay them what they feel is a fair price. 

Once you try it, you will taste the difference!