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Please let us know where to leave your fruit, and if there is someone we should ask for. Thanks!


So nice to have fresh fruit in the office on a Monday morning! 

We deliver on Monday and Wednesdays, between 8 and 9am, so your fruit is ready for the start of the working week!

There are several options available. Please feel feel to call us to discuss your needs. 07947 755141.

The photos attached show our most popular:

The large foyer basket. 

A large 12 inch basket filled with a variety of delicious fresh fruit.

Can contain a pineapple or grapes.

Approximately 25-30 portions.

The small foyer basket.

A small 10 inch basket with a variety of delicious fresh fruit.

Approximately 15-20 portions.

The staff room deluxe fruit crate.

A cardboard crate filled with individual servings of berries and grapes, 'grab and go' fruits and some luxury fruits too.

(Definitely worth the upgrade)

Approximately 35-40 portions.

The staff room fruit crate.

A cardboard crate filled with a variety of 'grab and go' fresh fruit. The perfect way to treat your staff!

Approximately 35-40 portions.

Whether you want to set up a recurring weekly delivery or just order as and when you need to, we can arrange a fruit delivery to your office to suit your needs! 

We pride ourselves on the quality of our fruit and bring this natural goodness to your office!

Great prices

Guaranteed fresh and delicious

Great for your health and concentration, your staff will munch on their five a day

Great for office morale, your staff will feel valued

Great for keeping the munchies away, your staff will work through til lunch

Delivered direct to your office on Mondays and Wednesdays

Orders are delivered in cardboard crates, which can be easily recycled or returned to us. Portion cups are paper and recyclable.

Want to refrigerate some? Our crates fit on the shelf of a domestic fridge.

Do you have any questions?

We are very approachable and are more than happy to answer your queries. Please call and leave a message on 07947755141. Thanks!

To help support a healthy lifestyle, all staff can use the code 'STAFFBONUS19' on the website, to get a 10% discount on any product delivered to work on Fridays or directly to their home!

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